LINKED was conceived and created by Graeme Miller

Researchers & Workshops
Lucy Baldwyn, Myra Heller, Dan Saul, Michael Sherin, Helen Statman

For Artsadmin
Judith Knight, Mark Godber

For Museum of London
Annette Day, Cathy Ross, Rory O'Connell, Victoria Tremble

Technical Manager
Steve Wald

Integrated Circles with special thanks to Simon Beer

Launch Production Manager
Neil Cooper

For the London Borough of Waltham Forest
Eamonn O’Machail, Rik Richardson

For the London Borough of Redbridge
Jacqueline Eggleston, Rhowan Sharp

Press and Publicity
Martha Oakes PR

Stills Photography
Hugo Glendinning, Graeme Miller

Graham Austin, John Beard, Christine Binnie, John Bisset-Smith, Keith Bone, Ian Bourn, John Campbell, Georgina Carless, Christine Chittock, Alfred Clark, Bridget Clark, David Clark, Ben Davies, Brian Davies, Tom Davis, Jasmine Dawson, Jovan Djordjevic, Vicky Djordjevic, John Drury, Michael Eakins, John Eggleton, John Ellis, Andy Fowkes, Sheila Freeman, Rachel Garfield, Doreen Golding, Larry Golding, Neil Goodwin, Jennifer Gordon, Jean Gosling, Nigel Gosling, Ronald Gosling, Pat Green, Teo Greenstreet, Barry Greenwood, Sue Hammans, Christine Hedges, Claire Hilder, Geoff Humphrey, Margaret Ince, Steve Johnson, Richard Leighton, Elaine McIntyre, Martin Mitchell, Peter Owen, Cornelia Parker, Jackie Pennell, Adimoolum Permale, Sarodini Permale, Jeremy Peyton-Jones, Jocelyn Pook, Grace Raindle, Zoë Redman, Kitty Reford, Lottë Reford, John Roper, Paul Routledge, Steve Rushton, Satvinder Singh Riyat, Beatrice Smith, John Smith, Sandra Smith, Mark Sowden, Adrian Stannard, Gary Stevens, Colin Stewart, Andy Strickland, Noel Taylor, Dave Thornton, Joan Walker, Frank Ward, Sheila Whitaker, Betty Winston

The teachers and pupils of Connaught, Wanstead High, Wanstead Church Primary, Mayville Primary and other local schools involved in the project, musicians from the Boroughs of Redbridge and Waltham Forest and the residents and former residents of Leytonstone House Hospital and Gainsford Court.

Special thanks to
Toby Butler, Jasmine Dawson, Doreen Golding, Dave Harris, Mike Haywood, Sid Hopes, Norman Miller, Steve Johnson, Adrian Johnston, Yoshimi Kihara, Gill Lloyd, Anna Smith, Adrian Stannard, Noel Taylor, Mick Trussler, 491 Gallery and especially to Mary Lemley

LINKED is an Artsadmin project, commissoned by the Museum of London.

LINKED has been generously funded by Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund, London Boroughs Grants Committee part of the Association of London Government, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the London Boroughs of Redbridge and Waltham Forest

Graeme Miller would like to thank the Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation for their support for him in the initial stages of this project.

LINKED was part of Interference, a programme of sonic artworks taking place in East London during June and July 2003.